David Smith on City of Plano Issues

David Smith fully understands city issues and is able to pursue practical, achievable solutions.  He draws on experience not only from serving three terms on the Plano City Council but also from engagement in key city issues both before and after his council service.

David will be proactive, not just reactive, in addressing pressing city issues.  And whether proactive or reactive, David welcomes the perspectives and ideas from any or all concerned about an issue.  He will not limit conversations to just “those who elected him” or other limited groups.  And he will talk to stakeholders and do other research before items may go to a City Council meeting agenda.  He will not limit input just to testimony in meetings.

Prior to and upon re-election, David sees the following priorities.

  •  Unify Council in working collaboratively. 

  • Eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic and restore full economic activity. 

  • Reinstate responsible financial planning.


  • Plan new housing of the right types in the right places.

  • More funding for police and public safety. 

In short, these may be accomplished as follows.  

People Clapping
Unify Council in working collaboratively.

Nothing can be accomplished if City Council members do not work together.  The recent 4-4 gridlock on key city issues is unacceptable.  As he did before, David will respect and work with all the other council members that the citizens may elect.  He will encourage them to reciprocate and become open to considering the concerns, perspectives, and ideas of all stakeholders.  Click on MORE

Eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic and restore full economic activity.  

The current new infections and deaths are unacceptable.  (As of this writing, the City of Plano is averaging 120 new cases per day and several deaths each day.)   With emerging virus mutations, this may take a turn for the worse before we realize a net benefit from vaccinations.  Plano must undertake a full court press to reduce then eradicate the pandemic.  Early leadership in this can boost economic activity as we gain a reputation as a safe city.  As others follow our lead, the entire region can benefit.  Click on MORE

Reinstate responsible financial planning.

As he did before, David Smith will be a leader in steering the City of Plano on a lean, healthy financial course.  City spending should not expand beyond the current basics (as or if the economy substantially improves).  On the other side, city councils should not intentionally or unintentionally starve the government with misguided financial policies.ully embrace universal design and other principles to ensure Plano can be inclusive for all.  Click on MORE

New housing of the right types in the right places.  

Plano has a jobs-housing imbalance, resulting in more current commuter traffic and later business relocation to other cities.  We also do not have enough of the right types of housing, particularly for our seniors and people with disabilities.  Opportunities to positively address this comes from the confluence of the current comprehensive plan update and the development or redevelopment of key properties. Click on MORE

Combat Systemic Racism.  

Racism is systemic and endemic in our society.  Aside from the socioeconomic inequities, this is manifested in behavior.  Recent examples in Plano include a perhaps well-intentioned but inappropriate arrest of a teenager walking home during a winter storm and the decidedly not well intentioned bullying of another teenager by his classmates.  We need to recognize racism exists and have the difficult conversations about how to eradicate it.  Click on MORE to learn about David’s unique background and how he can contribute as a leader on this.

More funding for police and public safety.  

We must maintain Plano as one of the safest cities in America.  We must resist misguided financial policies or other measures that can threaten this.  Additional funding can not only increase the size and compensation for our current workforce, it also can allow continued acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment and other supporting infrastructure, including training and supporting services ensuring safety and good service for all.  Click on MORE