Thank you to all who recently supported my candidacy.  I really appreciate all the positive energy that went into the race.  I also appreciate the cordiality and comradeship from the other candidates and many of their supporters that helped make this a rewarding experience.  Congratulations to the winners and those who made the runoff.


In hindsight, this election was a measure of how well candidates can poll with the endorsement of one of the two major political parties.  I chose to be a candidate representing all the citizens of Plano, appearing on neither partisan slate, and, as it turned out, finished in 3rd place behind the two major party candidates.  (Note: This is not to say winning candidates from both slates will endeavor to well represent all the citizens.)


Two big positives from the run:  (1) New voters we brought out helped push John Muns past the 50% mark for outright election as Mayor.  John will be an outstanding Mayor, working well with his council colleagues and others across our political spectrum for the betterment of Plano.  (2) The issues in my campaign platform were introduced in the campaign, were spread by other candidates and will be part of the discussion as the new council term begins.


Special thanks are due to fellow candidate Nassat Parveen.  She was the other major candidate not on either partisan slate.  She became a valuable companion on the campaign trail, supporting many of my issues and vice versa, and appealing to many of the same voters, including the new voters.  Like me, Nassat will continue to be engaged in civic affairs.  She and Plano have a bright future as she may continue to engage our underrepresented communities and do other good work.


I look forward to working with all of you and the rest of Plano on the important issues.  Let me know what you may be passionate about.  That will help me in evaluating my priorities, and I will assist in placing you where you can have the best impact.